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American Surrealist, The Art of Richard “Duke” Hagerty, MD’77

Richard "Duke" Hagerty, MD had always been attracted to drawing and painting, especially once diagnosed with dyslexia at an early age. But it wasn't until his second year of medical school at Duke University's School of Medicine that he realized the significance of his interests.

"I got into my psychiatry rotation and there's a professor interested in Jungian psychology and we start dream analysis. We're supposed to write out our dreams, but I'm still not good with words, so he says, very casually, ‘Why not draw your dreams?' Right when I did that first one, it was bang - I mean BANG. That was the something special that I was meant to do, back from when I heard that voice as a kid. To find a language you can express yourself with, and hold a mirror to yourself - I'd finally found that."

For over 40 years, Duke Hagerty has worked to develop his unique visual vocabulary through continuous realizations about himself and our world through his experiences, studies and travels.

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