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Stained Glass Workshop - Garden Mosaic

During this two day workshop you will learn how to cut stained glass using both the traditional cutters and mosaic nippers to produce different effects for different projects and how to lay the 'tessera' you've produced to build simple or complicated designs which can then be placed on your 'float' glass to create these beautiful, bright garden mosaics. In this course the colored glass will be adhered to a mirror float producing stunning color quality and, due to its reflective surface, not only keeping them consistently bright but subtly changing the hues according to the ambient light.
You will learn how the materials used will make your work waterproof and suitable for year long garden display, no matter the weather, and how to avoid the pit-falls that will cause problems later on. This isn't a common style of mosaic so your work will not only be unique but hopefully the envy of all your friends.

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