Special Alert

Duke University Edens Quadrangle (Opening TBD)

  • Edens Quadrangle
  • Durham, NC 27710

Duke University's Edens Quadrangle will receive a makeover which will include the creation of a glass entry portal that will hep students travel from Edens Quadrangle to the main West Quadrangle. New areas for studying, gaming and fitness will be added to the existing buildings. In addition, the project will provide upgrades to the common rooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and outdoor gathering spaces of Edens residence halls. Edens 1C will be modified to create the addition of the planned entry portal, which will lead from the bottom of the steps at McClendon Tower to the center of the quadrangle. The renovation will also include a study room and a gaming room designed to provide options for both novices and advanced gamers on a variety of systems, A new fitness area will be added to Edens 2C with glass doors opening up to the existing patio. The fitness area will include two rooms—one for fitness machines and another for group classes. In addition, new glass features will take the place of some existing stonework.

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