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Durham Spirits Company

  • 3222 Old Chapel Hill Rd
  • Durham, NC 27707
  • Primary: (425) 463-5430

This two person outfit offers the gamut from catering and bartending to cooking classes and restaurant consultations, and more

  • Business Hours: Special Events Only.
Meeting/Event/Group Services
  • Speakers And Special Programs:

Hands-on Oktoberfest German Cuisine Cooking Class

Now is the time to celebrate Germany and all the delicious dishes it has to offer! And if you can't be a part of the party under the big tent in Munich. Join us here in Durham for our own …

Hands-on Korean Cuisine Cooking Class

Today we are going to make some traditional SEOUL Food! Join us on this culinary adventure to Korea. We will discuss common ingredients, how to prepare them, and make a traditional Korean meal. Only …

Hands-on Global Noodles Cooking Class

We are traveling the world, one bowl of noodles at a time! We are including a variety of flavors from China, Thailand, Korea, Japan and course Italy...Just to name a few! Join us as we learn …

Hands-on Fall Vegetarian Cooking Class

Now that fall is here, there is a brand new harvest of ingredients that we can begin to incorporate! Join us as we create a menu utilizing local and seasonal ingredients. Learn how to make these …

Hands-on Dim Sum Cooking Class

What better way to celebrate Sunday than with Dim Sum? Dim Sum literally translates, "to touch the heart." Learn about traditional ingredients and cooking techniques while creating …

Hands-on Fall Tuscan Nights Cooking Class

Imagine picnicking in the heart of Tuscany...sipping wine, the smell of truffles wafting in the air as you eat a piece of prosciutto and bread...Wake up...alas, you are still sitting at your …

Hands-on Fall Soups and Stews Cooking Class

Cooler weather is on the way. Time to curl up by the fire with a hearty stew. In this class make several soups and stews inspired by the cool weather and fall garden. Menu includes: Butternut …

Hands-on Provence Harvest Cooking Classs

The South of France is one of the most beautiful places in the world! The breeze is perfumed with lavender and rosemary; the markets are bursting with local produce and artisan products; anthem p…

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