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  • 110 E Parrish St, Downtown Durham
  • Durham, NC 27701
  • Primary: (919) 374-1118

Littler is a cozy downtown restaurant that was recognized by Eater as one of the “13 Hottest Restaurants in Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill.” According to Eater, the restaurant’s “locally-sourced menu is aimed at the adventurous diner with such dishes as beef heart tartare, chicken fried duck tongues…and Wagyu hanger steak with bone marrow flan.”

  • Business Hours: W-M, 5pm-11pm.
Meals Served/Open
  • Serves Dinner:
Dining Style
  • Casual Dining: Table Service:
  • Table Service:
Dining/Food Service
  • Max Capacity: Banquet: 30
  • Total Seating Capacity: 30
  • Seafood:
  • *Primary Cuisine: American
  • Celebrated Cuisine:
  • Celebrated Cuisine: Table Service:
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