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Everyone who wants to be is welcomed in Durham. People who live here do so by definitive and deliberate choice and are staunch defenders of the place they adopt as their own. Durham is a place where new things are always happening, and it's also where people can be who they are with gusto. We're looking forward to you coming to check it out.

In 2012, Durham, NC was named the "Most Tolerant City in the US" by The Daily Beast/Newsweek. Durham is home to both the 10-day-long North Carolina Gay and Lesbian Film Festival and the NC Pride Parade. Establishments in Durham describe themselves in a variety of ways, including "queer positive," and they have stickers on the door declaring them as "straight friendly." It's an open and friendly place with a large gay community that is fully integrated.

Durham stands on its own as a destination that is so open and welcoming to gays that the LGBT community almost seems not to be present here at all. There are no rainbow flags flying on Main Street, no designated gayborhood, and only a few places that make a specific point of marketing to LGBT customers. If the matter should come up, few people, if any, are fazed by it; being gay in Durham is just not a big deal.

But make no mistake – Durham is a great place to visit if you are gay, just not necessarily because you are gay.

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