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Annual NC MLK/Black History Month Parade

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Featuring marching bands, step teams, dance groups, school and church groups, cars, trucks, businesses, civic organization and more.

The Parade's theme is "Remaining Awake Through the Great Revolution." The Divine Nine will serve as Grand Marshals. Although these 9 sororities and fraternities all differ in their founding principles in one way or another, they all come together as an unified body to create social change and leave the world a better place.

On March 31, 1968, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered a sermon "Remaining Awake Through a Great Revolution" at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC in which he stated, "And one of the great liabilities of life is that all too many people find themselves living amid a great period of social change, and yet they fail to develop the new attitudes, the new mental responses, the new sitiuation demands. They end up sleeping through a revolution. John Donne caught it years ago and placed it in graphic terms: "No man in an island of itself. Every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main." And he goes on to say, "We must see this, believe this, and live by it if we are to remain awake through a great revolution."

Dr. King continues, "Secondly, we are challenged to eradicate the last vestiges of racial injustice from our nation. I must say this morning that injustice is still the black man's (woman's) burden and the white man's shame. ...and I see nothing more urgent than for America to work passionately and unrelentingly - to get rid of the disease of racism."


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