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Beginning Paper Bead Making

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Rolled paper beads are fun and fast to make. Women at least as far back as Victorian England in the late 1800s were making paper beads. Young ladies would gather socially in their dining rooms and make handmade paper beads from scraps of wallpaper rolled on knitting needles. They would then polish the beads with bees wax and string them onto long pieces of yarn. The beads would then be used to make door curtains to divide rooms. Today, paper beading as an art form has gained in popularity across the world. Modern artists are exploring creative and exciting ways to work with paper beads.

In this beginning class, learn basic supplies and tool options, including exploring different types/sources of paper. You will explore various paper cutting methods and review how to mark paper to create cutting templates. (You will also receive a template to take home and use for future projects.) Using pre-cut strips, you will practice bead rolling, as we discuss factors that impact bead shapes and thickness. Finally, you will use one of several options to seal your rolled beads. You will also learn about other popular methods of finishing beads (sealing products and drying methods). At the end of class, you can expect to have enough beads to create a basic stretch bracelet. You will also have enough extra supplies to continue the bead making fun at home! A $30 materials fee is due to the instructor at each workshop. Instructor and Artwork by: Sadarryle Rhone.

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