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Release Show: Matthew Golombisky’s Cuentos Volumes 1 & 2

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This one and only NC event celebrates the next release from ears&eyes Records. Limited cassette/digital-only.

Matthew Golombisky's Cuentos is an ongoing project of composing, recording and releasing music from the various cities he's lived in and with close music cohorts. With Cuentos, or "short stories" in Spanish, Golombisky composes simple aural "plots" with a couple or few "characters" for each story. The cuentos aren't meant to convey visual or physical plots, characters or scenes, but ​humbly to encourage that the music that comes thereafter stays within the realm of a short story format and doesn't develop into full novel, so to speak​. A reason why Golombisky did not name the pieces; preferring not to interfere with the listener's own experience of the music, they are simply numbered in the order composed (six cuentos per group, with one bonus track).

The structures are meant to be simple, and showcase the improvisational precision of each performer on conveying a ​modest concept with fluidity, clarity and focus. What the listener is left with is an​ introspection​ into​ a single objective that comfortably emerges​ over the course of the piece, leaving them with a comprehensible aural encounter. Even the lengths of the pieces represent a briefness, here and gone before a single musician is able to explore every possibility of the story; Golombisky's intention. Most pieces range in the almost-three minutes to five minutes in length--single ideas presented, explored, and left to the listener for reflection.

For this performance, Golombisky will be joined by some of the finest improvisers in the NC triangle area including James Gilmore
(guitar) and more.

Pre-orders available: July 28th 2017
Cassette/Digital Release date: September 1st 2017

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