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Remove Emotional Obstacles in Pursuit of Your Best Life

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Everyone is a mix of yin and yang energy. To lead balanced and harmonious lives, we must make space for both. Finding healthy balance isn’t easy since the society we live in prioritizes yang qualities (masculinity, action-oriented, assertive, light-seeking) over yin qualities (femininity, receptive, emotional, introspective, embracing the darkness & unconscious shadows) In this all-day retreat, you will be diving into your yin nature to connect with and become more familiar with your emotional energies-- those that can either “thwart” or inspire. Utilize spiritual practices to access and learn from hidden emotions that may have been repressed or ignored. This retreat will be a safe haven to compassionately realize and release emotional blocks that are holding you back. You will leave with more clarity and confidence for taking your next steps towards pursuing your passions. Join us for this transformational journey and a day of your favorite things like yoga, journaling, astrological discussions, EFT (aka “tapping”), meditation and more! A light snack and lunch will be provided with vegan & gluten-free options. Please bring a journal and wear comfortable clothes. Cancellation Policy: If notice is given two weeks or more before the event, refunds will be granted minus a $45 cancellation fee. No refunds will be available after April 15th.

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