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Ronald K. Brown/EVIDENCE

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2018 Scripps/ADF Award Winner! Founded by Ronald K. Brown in 1985 and based in Brooklyn, NY, EVIDENCE focuses on the seamless integration of traditional African dance with contemporary choreography and spoken word. Through its work, EVIDENCE provides a unique view of human struggles, tragedies, and triumphs. The company will perform Torch, created as a celebration of perseverance and self–determination, a section of "On Earth Together," inspired by and set to the music of Stevie Wonder, "Walking Out the Dark," a danced conversation between mother brother, sister, lover, friend with a score that includes music by Phillip Hamilton (“Freedom”), Sweet Honey in the Rock (“O Death”), and Francisco Mora, and a duet from his larger work "Lessons, March," an extraordinary duet set to a speech by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. that speaks to the value of a man.

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