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Thomas Rhyant's Sam Cooke Soul Revue - Live at the Bullpen

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Give-you-chills vocals, get-up-and-dance Sam Cooke soul favorites. Thomas Rhyant is a gospel singer and musical troubadour, using music to tell stories of those who came before him. As a young boy in Florida, Thomas Rhyant used to slip out of the house late at night to go sit in his Daddy’s Cadillac and listen to AM frequencies that you couldn’t pick up during the day. He heard voices coming from the Bahamas, Chicago, New York, all over the place. His dream was to one day see those places. And it was music that would take him there. The first time he heard Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers—on his dad’s 8-track cassette player—his own musical aspirations snapped into focus. The sound, the range, and the versatility of Cooke’s voice completely gripped Rhyant, and he set about pursuing those late night Cadillac dreams. He traveled all over, singing and playing guitar. He became part of The Violinaires, the legendary group with whom Wilson Pickett cut his teeth before becoming an R&B superstar. With his tasteful guitar style and stunningly wide-ranging voice and enigmatic backing band, Rhyant brings joy to audiences while keeping the history of soul music alive. FREE ADMISSION $1 of every draft pint will be donated to the Music Maker Relief Foundation. Always.

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