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Works from the Loop: 2013-2017, Peter Hoffman

  • October 24, 2017 - November 03, 2017 (Recurring daily)
  • SPECTRE Arts
  • 1004 Morning Glory Ave, Durham, NC 27701
  • 3rd Friday 6-9pm. Email for other hours
  • FREE
  • (919) 213-1441
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Photographs and Illuminated Digital Collage Untitled: Loop reflects an experience as a pedestrian in the urban landscape through two different mediums – digital photographs and illuminated digital collages. The imagery is created within the boundaries of the downtown Chicago area known as The Loop. Photographs represent attempts at connection and comprehension of a built space that is tangible and explicit in form, while the experience of traversing the space is surreal and disorienting. The soaring, rigid structures and gaping, segmented streets and alleys compartmentalize space and break up sunlight. Endless glass and concrete distort perception and command authority. Other pedestrians seem to occupy simultaneous but separate planes of existence, as explored specifically in sequential images. The illuminated digital collages display a more abstract interpretation of my experience. Collages begin with a breakdown of the code of an original digital photograph, where I have little control over the result. The image pieces are then reassembled intuitively, arriving at a visualization that is even further from the deconstructed photograph. This process, augmented by the shifting background colors, is reminiscent of the tenuous notions of human recall and perception that is part of the fleeting pedestrian experience. Peter Hoffman is a Durham, NC based photographer and artist who splits his time between commissioned work and his own practice. He is currently an MFA student at UNC – Chapel Hill. Peter’s primary interest as an image maker is at the place where humanity and environments interact, and he often uses defined physical spaces as parameters for his work. An avid running + fitness geek and almost lifelong skateboarder, the exploratory nature of these pursuits have deeply influenced his work.

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